Constitution of Urabba Parks/Covering clause 5

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Establishment of jurisdiction[edit | edit source]

(1) Upon the commencement of this section, Urabba Parks shall form a jurisdiction.

(2) Mister Enactor may, at any time after the Proclamation, appoint a Manager‑General for Urabba Parks.

Relevant notes from the Explanatory Memorandum[edit | edit source]

18. Subclause (1) provides that Urabba Parks shall be established as a non-state jurisdiction on the day of commencement of the provision, being the time fixed by Proclamation. This is to ensure that Urabba Parks becomes a jurisdiction on that day, and that any references to the establishment of jurisdiction to be that day.

19. Subclause (2) provides the Enactor may appoint the Manager‑General for Urabba Parks following the Proclamation.