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Transitional provisions[edit | edit source]

Until otherwise provided by the Parliament of Urabba Parks:

(a) the Park Ranger’s Membership outstanding at the establishment of jurisdiction shall be attached to Urabba Street Reserve; and
(b) the Visitor’s shares outstanding at the establishment of jurisdiction shall have the right to present to the Enactor a person for appointment as a member of the Visitatorial Commission of Urabba Parks.

Relevant notes from the Explanatory Memorandum[edit | edit source]

23. This clause provides for rights attaching to existing membership of Urabba Parks.

24. At present, Urabba Parks has two classes of shares – Visitor’s Membership issued under the code ‘VIS’ and ‘Park Ranger’s’ membership.

25. Paragraph (a) provides that Park Ranger’s membership shall be attached to Urabba Street Reserve. This means that upon the winding-up of Urabba Parks these members have a charity distribution (the right to nominate the beneficiary charity) of Urabba Street Reserve.

26. Paragraph (b) provides that shares not falling in paragraph (a) (including Visitor’s Membership) shall have the right to present a person for appointment to the Visitatorial Commission; see note 255 for more information regarding the Visitatorial Commission.