Constitution of Urabba Parks/Section 55

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Chapter 1 >>Part 5 >>Division 1 >>Subdivision C >>Section 55

Revenue and membership structure Bills[edit | edit source]

Laws imposing a revenue item or membership structure item shall deal only with matters falling in the revenue item or membership structure item, and any provision therein dealing with any other matter shall be of no effect

Relevant note from the Explanatory Memorandum[edit | edit source]

166. This section provides only the House of Ordinaries may introduce:

(A) revenue items, which subsection 4(1) defines as an imposition of membership fees, transfer fees, electoral registration fees or levies on the income, assets, sales, expenditure or production payable to the Executive Government (this is similar to the requirement imposed under the corresponding section of the Australian Constitution);
(B) membership structure items, which subsection 4(1) defines as the original grant (allotment) of ordinary, service or patron membership, or the conversion of membership.