Constitution of Urabba Parks/Section 60

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Chapter 1 >>Part 5 >>Division 2 >>Section 60

Signification of Enactor’s pleasure on Bills reserved[edit | edit source]

A proposed law reserved for the Enactor’s pleasure in Right of an entity having foundation in Urabba Parks shall not have any force unless and until within 2 years from the day on which it was presented to the Manager‑General for the Enactorial Assent the Manager‑General makes known, by speech or message to each of the Houses of the Parliament, or by Proclamation, that it has received the Enactor’s Assent in Right of the entity.

Relevant note from the Explanatory Memorandum[edit | edit source]

174. This section provides that assent to be given to a Bill by the Enactor in Right of an entity having foundation in Urabba Parks must be announced by Proclamation or message to each House of the Parliament within 2 years of being presented to the Manager‑General. A Bill is only taken to be reserved for the Enactor for the purposes of this section if the Honorary Manager is acting on the advice of the directors of the entity when assent is granted. This section is intended to clarify that laws must be entered onto the minute books of the members and directors of Urabba Parks to take effect, and that the Proclamation or message serves as a formal notification the law has been entered into the minute books.