Constitution of Urabba Parks/Section 32

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Chapter 1 >>Part 3 >>Division 2 >>Subdivision C >>Section 32

Writs for general election[edit | edit source]

(1)  The Manager‑General in Council may cause writs to be issued for general elections of members of the House of Ordinaries.

(2)  After the first general election, the writs shall be issued within 10 days from the expiry of a House of Ordinaries or from the proclamation of a dissolution thereof.

Relevant note from the Explanatory Memorandum[edit | edit source]

131. This section, based on the corresponding section of the Australian Constitution, provides the Manager‑General in Council shall be responsible for issuing writs for general elections (elections of all the members of the House of Ordinaries) within 10 days of the dissolution or lawful determination of the House.