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Daniel James Racovolis Fvndator Vrabbaparcensis

Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited Constitution Statute 2021

A Statute to provide for the Constitution of Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited

[2021/1] [Assented to 05 March 2021]

Preamble[edit | edit source]

WHEREAS on the third day of July of the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ two thousand and twelve Daniel James Racovolis, Gentleman, made an application for registration in the State of Victoria in the Commonwealth of Australia under the Corporations Act 2001 of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of a company limited by shares under the name Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited, and with such application being granted the newly registered Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited acquired from the Founder, being the aforesaid Daniel James Racovolis, on the ninth day of July two thousand twelve for the consideration of one hundred dollars the land now comprising Urabba Street Reserve in Rankins Springs, New South Wales, and made an application for registration under the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Act 2012 of the Parliament of the Commonwealth, such application being granted on 3 December 2012, and that the aforesaid Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited remains registered under that Act with the subtypes of advancing the natural environment and purposes beneficial to the general public that may reasonably be regarded as analogous to, or within the spirit of, any of the other charitable purposes:

AND WHEREAS the Founder, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, and wishing to advance humanity and society together, honouring his ancestors including Grandfather Dimitrios Racovolis, son of Pantelis who is in turn son of Seraphim, all of them proud sons of the Hellenic nation of Macedonia, and honouring Australia and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, including the Wiradjuri whose traditional ownership over the lands including Urabba Street Reserve was never and will never be ceded, through Landcare, is desirous to establish the aforesaid Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited as a jurisdiction of which is charitable and democratic by nature, and having the values of responsibility, accountability and creativity, to be regulated under the Constitution hereby established:

BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED in the name of the Holy, Consubstantial and Indivisible Trinity by the Founder’s most gracious Management, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

Short title[edit | edit source]

This Statute may be cited as the Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited Constitution Statute 2021.1

Relevant notes from the Explanatory Memorandum[edit | edit source]

The Preamble[edit | edit source]

7. The preamble introduces and sets out the rationale for this Bill:

(A) the first paragraph of the preamble to the Bill briefly outlines the origins and history of Urabba Parks;
(B) the second paragraph of the preamble sets out the intentions of the Founder in honouring God, his ancestors, Australia and its Indigenous people; and
(D) the third paragraph of the preamble contains the enacting formula, with the reference the Holy Trinity based on the formula used at the start of the Constitution of the Hellenic Republic.

Clause 1 - Short title[edit | edit source]

8. This clause is a formal provision and specifies that the short title of the Statute resulting from the enactment of this Bill is the Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited Constitution Statute 2021.