Constitution of Urabba Parks/Section 39

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Chapter 1 >>Part 3 >>Division 4 >>Section 39

Quorum[edit | edit source]

(1)  Subject to this section and until the Parliament otherwise provides, the presence of at least an absolute majority of the whole number of the members of the House of Ordinaries shall be necessary to constitute a meeting of the House for the exercise of its powers.

(2)  The House of Ordinaries shall only proceed to business if at least a majority of the members present are not Ministers.

(3)  A Minister shall not take the chair at a sitting of the House of Ordinaries or a committee of the House.

(4)  Subsection (2) and (3) do not apply if:

(a)  there are fewer than three legislative directors; and
(b)  each member of the House of Ordinaries is a Minister serving on an honorary basis.

Relevant notes from the Explanatory Memorandum[edit | edit source]

140. This section provides the quorum of the House of Ordinaries and its committees is an absolute majority of the members. This section displaces the default rules in subsection 23(2) (see note 117), where only one-third of the members usually constitute a quorum, however there remains a legislative power to alter the proportion required.

141. In addition, this section also provides a majority of members present must not be Ministers. This is to ensure the independence of the operation of the House from management, as to allow non-executive legislative directors to exercise effective scrutiny over the executive.